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I have recently became a patient of Dr. Silverstein of the Silverstein Institute. During the examination he noticed that I had impacted ear wax which impeded my ability to hear clearly. He recommended a product he called EarKare ® Antiseptic, which he invented, to maintain wax free ears. After using his product for the past two months, I found that I have less ear wax buildup and my hearing has improved approximately 30% especially in the high ranges. I highly recommend Dr. Herbert Silverstein to anyone who has need of his services. He inspires trust and confidence and deserves both.
— William A. Maloney
Since May 2013, after my eardrum graft repair, I have been using Dr. Silverstein’s irrigation procedure. I now need only one or perhaps two easy ear wax cleaning appointments a year, instead of the three or four uncomfortable dig out appointments previous to using his regimen. I highly recommend Dr. S and his Institute.
— Dr Thomas J. Tanzosh DMD, retired
Thank you very much for the EarKare ® Cleansing Wash. So easy to use and it works. I have tried several other methods over the years and this is by far the most effective and efficient.
— Susan L. McLeod
Since moving to Sarasota four years ago I have been under your fantastic care. Your EarKare ® wax preventing system, with your designed applicator, has worked incredibly well for me. I no longer have to have ear wax removed 3-4 times a year as was the case prior to moving to Florida. You have cured me of a problem I have had for over 60 years.
— Steve Dennis
Since using EarKare ® I had the easiest visit with Dr. Silverstein today. I see him every 6 months to have my ear cleaned. I’ve used the EarKare ® 2-3 times a week for the past year and today's cleaning, which in the past has been lengthy, was a breeze!! Thanks!
— Elizabeth Kenealy
When I first came to see you years ago, you recommended that I stop poking things into my ears and try EarKARE to remove ear wax. It is a fantastic product! It is easy to use and it works so well, you always notice when examining my ears. I like that and certainly recommend its use. M. Harris Doctor Silverstein’s EarKare Cleansing wash is the BEST thing I’ve ever used. It has made such a difference in the quality of my ear health and hearing!!! I have bought several kits as gifts for family members and they all say the same thing - “this stuff is great”! Now any time I hear anyone complaining about their ears, I tell them go get some EarKare Cleansing Wash from Dr. Silverstein. You will be amazed how different you feel! Thank You Dr. Silverstein for the wonderful care you are providing for me and also for such a great product!!! I will never use a Q/tip in my ears again!!!
We just wanted to let you know how much we love your EarKare product. We have been using it for about 3 months. My husband has always had problems with wax build up and has had to have it removed by a Doctor several times—-including while a patient at the Silverstein Institute. The last appointment he had with Dr. Rosenberg was different. He looked into my husband’s ears and said that they were perfect—no wax build up! Thanks for a great product that really works and is painless and easy to use!
— Gail and Jerry Authier