EarKare ®- a great approach to removing ear wax!

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Forget the Cotton Swabs, keep the fingers out, and the car keys?...  Don't even think about it! 

Ear wax, that gummy, hearing-loss goo that naturally develops in ears is really an important thing.  But, sometimes it gets out of control, and not necessarily by itself.

The ear has a natural way of cleaning itself, but when we interfere with it, via earbuds, cotton-tips, fingers, etc...all we do is push the natural build-up of wax (cerumen) deeper into the ear canal.  Over time, this buildup can cause hearing loss and ringing in the ear.  Also, when the ear gets wet by swimming or even showering/shampooing, the water can become trapped behind the wax and cause a painful infection.

A dry ear is a happy, healthy ear.

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EarKare® can help keep your ear dry and free of wax. 

"Right", you might ask. "What makes this so wonderful?  I've tried everything in the book."

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Well, two important aspects of this well-researched development will tell.

Primarily, the use of isopropyl alcohol (70%) along with the addition of aloe to the solution not only significantly reduces the amount of wax build-up, it also assists in not having dry flaking ear canal skin.

Secondly, a special, scientifically designed, irrigating ear-tip is used to squirt the solution safely into the ear without touching the ear drum.

Our research has shown no complications using either the ear-tip or the alcohol/aloe solution.

Most importantly, the ear canal is usually kept clean and free of wax-buildup.

What is EarKare?

Dr. Silverstein explains the system (note the spray tip may be blue or white)

Spray Tip ATTACKS ear wax on the ear canal walls, away from the sensitive ear drum

Spray Tip ATTACKS ear wax on the ear canal walls, away from the sensitive ear drum

Thank you very much for the EarKare ® Cleansing Wash. So easy to use and it works. I have tried several other methods over the years and this is by far the most effective and efficient.
— Susan L. McLeod

EarKare inventor Herbert Silverstein, MD - Silverstein Institute, Sarasota Florida

Silverstein Institute - Sarasota Florida

Silverstein Institute - Sarasota Florida

 About the inventor

The Silverstein Institute is an internationally-respected physicians’ practice dedicated to diseases and surgery of the Ears, Nose and Throat. Founded in 1979 by renowned ear surgeon and clinical research specialist Herbert Silverstein, MD, the Silverstein Institute has become the hub of a bustling, three location practice (Sarasota,Venice, Lakewood Ranch), employing four full-time physicians, one otology graduate (completing fellowship), two PhD mid- levels and 45 support professionals.

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clinical study

Please click below to read Dr. Silverstein's published medical paper, A prospective study to evaluate the efficacy of isopropyl alcohol irrigations to prevent cerumen impaction, for more information on the efficacy of EarKare!

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